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Ben Ellerby

Founder of aleios. AWS Serverless Hero

Ben Ellerby is an AWS Serverless Hero, the Founder of aleios and a dedicated member of the Serverless community. He is the editor of Serverless Transformation, co-organizes the Serverless User Group in London and regularly speaks about Serverless around the world. At aleios, Ben helps organisations of all sizes adopt Serverless.

Walking back down the Serverless Staircase - a Sociotechnical Journey

As more organisations adopt the benefits of a Serverless-First approach the appetite to follow has grown. Adopting Serverless within large scale organisations is not a simple task, but it's not the technology that's slowing things down, it's the organisational challenge. In this talk I walk back on the journey I’ve taken several enterprises on in their adoption of Servleres. Showing the challenges, the wins and the losses, and overall a shared socio-technical framework to set your journey up for success, “The Serverless Staircase”

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